Utilizing a variety of drawing and printmaking processes I create nonobjective designs which explore visual relationships.

I have two special areas of interests in my work. The first is an exploration of those visual properties which emerge in the layering of patterns, and the second is an examination of that kinetic point at which form comes into being or dissolves again into space.

My artistic explorations culminate in images which are structured and concise while at the same time are visually illusive.

Central to my work is the transferred image - an image created on one surface and transferred or printed onto the final piece. This transfer is accomplished using printmaking processes and several special techniques which I have developed.

A transferred image presents unique and intriguing visual properties. It can repeat in varying intensities across a surface. It can reflect and shadow itself numerous times and in various directions. It is an imprint or a recording of an image that has been created in another space and at a different time, establishing a visual dialogue and giving to the final work a visual history.